Spanish Wine Sales
Consultancy About Wine Export and Import and Wine Distribution in Spain

We are specialists in consultancy about export and import operations and distributions. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of every party that participates in the transaction, especially our clients’, since we represent their interests.

Our specialty in Spanish Wine Sales is the consultancy to Spanish wine purchasers and importers all around the world. We represent the interests of our clients located abroad within the whole Spanish national territory towards the wineries willing to acquiring products. If you would like to import Spanish wine in your country, then we are your necessary tool.

We can give you our technical opinion about the wine to operate with through our consultancy, and we can also check the wineries facilities, the quality of the products and the regulations fulfillment. We can offer you alternatives and deal with better prices or conditions. Later, we will also supervise the merchandise and its quality, thus offering the maximum security with the activities performed.

Covering a global range, we offer consultancy in every subject related to Spanish wine and its purchase and export/import for any of our clients. Our staff is formed by certified oenologists who are experts in international commerce and will make sure that your operation is performed with a complete success, thus minimizing risks and increasing your opportunities.

Besides, we are specialists in winery consultancy regarding distribution and export plans. We help them through the addition of our knowledge in the achievement of their goals. Our wide experience allows us to be a key element in the opening and reaching of new markets, as well as in the search of clients for all our companies interested in wine export throughout the world.

We are a key element for the security of your operation and an essential tool to reach your objectives. Important wineries and clients, mainly importers of wine throughout the whole world, trust us to guarantee the best result in their operation.

Spanish Wine Sales has a team of specialists in other products such as olive oil and other gourmet products both in abroad export and in national distribution consultancy for relevant distribution business, with which we keep important contacts. Other professionals enjoy our knowledge in quality, price and other consultancy topics, and we also offer all our experience to producers and manufacturers.